Bodyweight Training

personlig tränare gran canaria

I love training outdoors, for me nothing quite beats a workout on the sand dunes looking out onto the ocean or at the park surrounded by palm trees and a light breeze. It's one of the biggest perks of being a personal trainer out here.

Bodyweight training is ideal for these two beautiful locations, it allows you to construct an effective routine without the need for an expensive gym membership or any type of professional equipment. Bodyweight training allows you to exercise any time you like, anywhere you choose. 

Whether you are looking to tone your buns, sculp your abs or strengthen your core there are a wide range of different bodyweight exercises that you can implement into your regular workout routine to make a significant difference. Burpees are great for engaging your core, hamstrings, glutes, quads, arms and chest, whereas compound exercises for example lunges and pushups are particularly effective when it comes to performance improvements and strength gains. A plank is enough to challenge more than twenty different muscles across your body, including your glutes, legs, arms, back, and shoulders. 

While using bodyweight exercises as a method for building strength is a certain way to maximize your muscles in no time, the benefits don’t stop with just strength. Bodyweight training, if even just a few minutes every day, can have a huge impact on your body’s metabolism – helping it to work in over-drive so that you lose fat fast, and focus on building lean muscle instead.

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of bodyweight training is that it actually delivers results. Bodyweight exercises work because they comprise of compound movements, engaging numerous muscles and joints in each move to raise your performance and build strength faster.